The Key
Editorial Design

A book created as a response to be brief ‘Everything About One Thing’ in which I chose to focus on the key, looking at physical and metaphorical aspects to the item. Content fully gathered by me. A perfect bound book with blind embossing and a laser cut sleeve.

A finalist in the Best British Book 2018 student category.
Lost in the Ashes
Editorial Design

A response to the ISTD brief ‘Lost’. A book made to act as an archive of political and personal information from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. A blind embossed hard back book printed on news print with an exposed Japanese stab bind.

Awarded a Merit and acceptance into the International Society of Typographic Designers

Recieved Pronunication
Poster Design
A set Risographed posters using glyphs to visualise the sounds of Upper Recieved Pronunciation, a study of education privelidge within Britain.
We Did Not Dig Deep Enough
Editorial Design

An editorial book based on the history of the miners strikes, looking at how the loss of industry has directly affected a small town called PontyPool in South Wales. Working with archival material and directly gathered content.

Alone Together
RSA Campaign

A response to the brief ‘Alone Together’. After thorough research Sophie Attwill and I found a communication gap between schools and parents with learning difficulties. Our response to the brief was to create a letter template for schools to use for this group of parents, which included easy read text, imagery and colour. User testing on a sample group helped us understand how the templates will work and their levels of success.

The Brew

An art directed video piece exploring the idea of smashing stereotypes. The video includes smashing pints of beer and smashing a tea set - challenging the audience to think about who these items belong to.

In collaboration with Sophie Attwill.

Seventy + One
Photographic Series, Art Direction

2018 marked the 70th anniversary of the NHS, SeventyPlusOne is about celebrating the NHS everyday.

We took 71 NHS staff members and put them on a pedestal as part of a photographic series which we installed into a public location.

In collaboration with Molly Cook.

The Hand You’ve Been Dealt
Poster Series   
A poster series including imagery of casted hands in different materials which reflect the quality of the hand. 

This project talks about being born into economic wealth, and the priveleges this brings specifically when thinking about education and career success.

Cushion the Blow
Art Direction, Illustration
An embroidered cushion focusing on the shaming and unappreication of manual labourers by the elite. A response to the recent list of ‘Unskilled Workers’ released by Theresa May in 2017. 

Without them, who would cushion the blow?

The Ladder of Success
A poster designed to highlight the inequality of the education system, talking about benefites of private education, the connections and extra skills that children aquire.